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Microblading & Threading Certification

Now offering

one on one Training

Total Duration: 2 days

Message for dates 

Four Part Course:

​Online: Certification Course "Blood Borne Pathogen"
This course site is emailed to you after registration is confirmed. It can be taken at your own pace & ​must be completed before day of your class in the city selected.

Day 1: Eyebrow Threading Practicum  
Fundamental on different threading techniques  . Followed by hands on training

​​Day  2:  Microblading Practicum

Fundamentals of microblading, measuring, shaping, color theory, and practice on practice skins

Day  3:  Microblading Hands on

Hands on with model while supervised by instructor. Certificates handed out at end of class.

This Course Includes:


  • Professional Microblading 

       Training Manual and Workbook 

  • 4 pigments

  •  1 numbing creams

  •  1 hand tools

  •  15 blades

  •  Eyebrow brushes (1 pieces)

  •  Eyebrow pencil (1 piece)

  •  3D eyebrow pencil (1 piece)

  • Pigment finger rings (15)

  • Sterile self sealed envelopes (2)

  • Practice skin

  • Eyebrow shaver

  • Razor blade

  • Spear pointed Qtips

  • Alcohol pads

  • Eyebrow Threading Kit

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